It takes a lot to live here, but the city gives back everything and more.

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It’s hard to believe that a mere two months ago, a brave, bold, yet entirely anxious version of myself got on a plane from Seattle to New York City and never looked back. While it feels like I have lived twenty lifetimes in these short two months, the novelty of my new life still hasn’t worn off ; I wake up every morning to a sun filled apartment, look out the window to see the World Trade Center and Empire State Buildings staring right at me, and feel the need to pinch myself. …

The true luxuries of life cannot be bought

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When I graduated college this past June, I promise you I did not expect that a mere five months later I would be employed full-time and living in the city of my dreams. Things were looking pretty bleak, actually, as I graduated into an economic crisis, in the middle of a pandemic, with a typically non-competitive undergraduate degree in psychology. The only thing I foresaw in my future was the continuation of my retail job, which although I did enjoy, made me feel incredibly stuck. …

Motivation wasn’t the key, determination was.

Me in October 2016 (left) versus April 2020 (right)

Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my athletic ability. Though I played many sports, I was never the best on the team, and I didn’t believe that I had the talent to succeed. This belief about myself was largely influenced by my sister, who almost exclusively called me “Lardo” and “Fatso” for the duration of my childhood. This deeply ingrained feeling that I was out of shape, unathletic and incapable changed the way my young brain developed. Her words started to define me, and I slowly became who she told me I was, rather than who…

Is the potential money, clout, and fame really worth the consequences?

*This article focuses primarily on the experiences of women-identifying people, or people with biologically female bodies. I recognize and fully understand that many men are in similar positions and use OnlyFans. This particular article is not focused on them, but they are just as valid.

It had been months since I’d been on Twitter. I’d chosen to leave the platform, along with Instagram, for the sake of my own mental health and wellbeing earlier this summer. However, when my friend Mary* was discovered to be missing, I decided to check the app, just to make sure she hadn’t reached out…

I had to grieve what I technically never lost

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It began last August. I had just arrived at the train station, about to head home to Seattle after a two night conference in Portland, where I had accidentally experienced a connection I was nowhere near ready for.

His name was Lucas*, and though I didn’t know him well, I had known who he was for a couple of years at that point. We had a good friend in common, and through that connection, we followed each other on social media and met briefly a couple of times. When I found out we were both attending the same conference in…

A direct response to “People With Personality Disorders Can Destroy Your Life” by Allen M. Vukelić


I do not want to write this article right now. Not only because I wish its predecessor were never published, but because I am tired. Mentally, physically, emotionally, exhausted. Today, I spent an hour digging into my psyche with my therapist, working through both my past and my present issues. I also had a hard conversation over the phone with a dear friend, who I am actively working towards resolving an altercation with. Additionally, I supported a friend facing the aftermath of sexual abuse, and did some advocacy work on her case. Heavy stuff, and all of this after working…


As the title suggests, this article is quite literally about a grilled cheese sandwich. Not just any grilled cheese sandwich though: it’s about the best damn grilled cheese you’ll ever have. This is not your grandma’s recipe. This is the ultimate comfort food that you can turn to in times of need, use to impress distinguished guests, and make in a pinch — in short, this is the grilled cheese that will change your life. Here’s the story of how I discovered it, and how you can make it at home.

It was a damp and foggy July night.

The kind of “July night” you’ll only find in…

It’s no secret that 2020 has not been kind to the film industry. Feature film production has halted, social distancing measures have been implemented, and movie theaters have closed down — virtually recorded content and at-home streaming has become the new norm.

In response to these changes, release of the major motion picture In the Heights, directed by Crazy Rich Asians mastermind Jon M. Chu, has been pushed back an entire year, from June 2020 to June 2021. With a production budget of $15 million USD, the financial hit of an at home release would be disastrous. The musical, based…

New York City native actor, Timothée Chalamet, has quickly shot to stardom following his 2017 breakout role in Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me By Your Name. The indie film received raving reviews, including 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, and left the world craving more of Armie Hammer’s chipper young co-star.

Chalamet is any casting director’s dream: versatile, attractive, charismatic, and talented beyond his years. Not to mention, the French-American actor is bilingue en français and can easily pick up international languages, accents, and attitudes. …

In July 2020, Disney decided to release a film compilation of the American musical Hamilton to the public. Originally a 2015 theatrical production, footage from three separate Broadway performances at Richard Rodgers Theatre in Manhattan were spliced together into the musical masterpiece now available on Disney+.

The musical, comprised of an incredibly diverse and talented cast, follows the life and times of orphaned Caribbean immigrant, better known as one Founding Father of the United States, Alexander Hamilton. …

Robin Dakota

Mental health enthusiast living in New York City. I like writing about anything that challenges my perspective. BS Psychology & BA Humanities.

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